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About the Book

Money Wit: Becoming Financially Savvy

Money allows us to enjoy some of the benefits that life has to offer - it does not define us. That is why you should manage your money and it should not manage you.


Have you ever wondered just how to manage managing your funds?

This book seeks to give simple, easy-to-use advice to anyone hoping to plan for their futures and just aren’t sure how to do it or where to start. From investing your money to understanding a bond, to setting up a monthly budget - read up on all the easy ways you can start today, in paving the way to a financially secure future!

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About the Money Wit Workshops

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Prepared and presented by Kristen Malan CFP®, the Money Wit workshops will teach you what you need to know about how to manage your personal finances effectively. 


The workshops are based on real-life experiences rather than ideologies. They are about showing you that we are all capable of becoming masters of our money and unlocking the potential and capability that we all have. A key to this is also understanding your relationship with money – once you understand that, you get a better understanding of what drives your decisions and ambitions.


These workshops are focused on building a strong foundation and understanding your money roadmap from what you earn to where it goes. Our workshops are designed to meet each client's specific needs and are set up to be accessible and enjoyable by the audience. It is an interactive session; a conversation rather than a lecture.


We cover the following topics:


  • The Psychology of Money 

  • Budgeting

  • Savings & Investments

  • Credit & Debt

  • Personal Income Tax



Topics are not generalised – they are tailored to ensure that the audience receives information that is relevant to them now and in the future. We make use of an interactional presentation and can provide take-home exercises to assist with understanding and to ensure continued learning after the workshops.


Workshops are typically 3 to 4 hours long, however, this structure can be adjusted to suit the needs of the client.

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