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Too often, we try to treat the symptoms of poor money management when we should be focusing on preventing it. Knowledge is power, and the application of this knowledge is what can make all the difference in your personal and business money world. Understanding and managing your money is like any habit – do it long enough and it becomes second nature. This habit can help you become that financially savvy person you always knew you could be.


Money Wit Financial Wellness was started in 2017 after our founder, Nola Rae, did some research into the corporate wellness sector which revealed to her the enormous need for debt counselling. She realised that the best way to address the need for this service is by equipping people – especially the youth – with a better understanding of money and how to manage it proactively, rather than reactively. This motivated Nola to write our first book, Money Wit: Becoming Financially Savvy - an easy-to-understand guide that teaches the basics of personal money management. She then went on to write Business Money Wit, the entrepreneur's guide to business finance, in 2018.


We are a proudly female-owned and run company with the goal of demystifying and simplifying your understanding of finance and how it can assist you in not only achieving your personal goals but also your business aspirations.

Meet The Team

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