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About The Book

Business Money Wit

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Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of an economy: they provide jobs to a range of skilled and unskilled workers; teach skills where needed; are innovative and can quickly adapt to technology and the market. Yet, too often these entrepreneurs leave the financial management of their companies to other people.


Business Money Wit takes the entrepreneur with no finance management skills by the hand and leads them through the labyrinth so that they come out the other side equipped to understand terminologies and the most important financial statements that reflect the health of their company; it also provides them with tools to evaluate projects based on

established formulae.


Business Money Wit is an essential reference book that will benefit business owners as well as non-financial managers in any organisation.

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About the Business Money Wit Workshops

Prepared and presented by Nola Rae, the Business Money Wit workshops will teach you what you need to know about how to manage your business finances effectively. 


As business owners, we have to take responsibility for the numbers in our world. Simply handing everything over to a professional is certainly helpful, and a great option, but understanding your numbers empowers you to make more informed decisions.


In the Business Money Wit Workshop, the focus is on teaching the entrepreneur the value that numbers have. Too often we are just focused on if we are making money when it is 'the how' that gives us the opportunity to take our business to the next level.


It’s not about becoming an accountant – it is about gaining the knowledge to understand financial information, asking the right questions and building a sustainable and profitable business. The workshop includes understanding terminologies and the most important financial statements that reflect the health of your company, as well as providing you with tools to assist in the decision of what business will work for you or not.

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